Oppenheimer Goes Off the Deep End

Friday, May 4, 2012
We tend to agree with Miami Herald columnist Andres Oppenheimer.

However, in his latest piece on Florida's Cuba-Syria procurement law (H.B. 959), he really goes off the deep end.

Oppenheimer argues that the new law, which prevents Florida's taxpayer-funded entities from contracting with Castro and Assad's business partners, actually helps these regimes.


Nevermind that this law forces some of Castro's biggest business partners to choose between profiting from tyranny or Florida's taxpayers.

According to Oppenheimer's illogical theory -- concurred by St. Thomas University economist Tony Villamil -- it serves to help Castro as it gives him an excuse to bash the U.S. further.

That's really deep.

Because, of course, if it weren't for H.B. 959, Castro wouldn't bash the U.S. That's just absurd.

And what law gives Chavez an excuse to bash the U.S.?

These tyrants are going to blame the U.S. regardless. Moreover, no one believes them -- except apparently Oppenheimer and Villamil.

But here's the real kicker.

Oppenheimer argues that this will encourage other states to pass laws giving Castro business benefits.

That might seem logical from his desk at the Miami Herald, but it's void in the real world.

As a matter of fact, other states (e.g. Indiana, Michigan and Arizona) have similar laws to H.B. 959 that include Cuba.

Plus, it's ludicrous to think that any legislature and Governor in the U.S. would pass a law to provide public subsidises for business with Castro or any other state-sponsor of terrorism.

If Oppenheimer and Villamil have no problem giving their hard-earned money to Castro and Assad's business partners, then they should set up a voluntary fund to do so.

However, Florida's taxpayers, through the democratic process, have chosen otherwise.