Quote of the Week

Saturday, May 5, 2012
"I feel like I'm a hostage. And they, you know, just one quick thing.

The - the president of the Dominican Republic told me two years ago, when - when he visited. He said, Alan, I hope you realize this is not about you. And at that time, I - I could understand that. I could inte - you know, intellectualize it, that it wasn't about me, that it was an effort on the part of the Cuban government to - to express its disdain to the United States and - and to try to bring about some kind of trade.

But right now, it is about me and it's about my family and it's about my mother. And I'm taking this very personally. And for the Cuban government not to show the respect to respond officially to a letter that was submitted by my lawyer, who works for the same firm that represented Elian Gonzalez, I think is shameful - shameful

-- Alan Gross, American hostage being held by the Castro regime for helping Cubans connect to the Internet, CNN, 5/4/12