AP Tries to Pass Castro's Piñata For Rentals

Tuesday, July 17, 2012
The AP ran a story today entitled, "Havana's historic quarter begins small-biz rentals."

It's about how Castro regime official Eusebio Leal, known in Cuba as Eusebio "el Leal" (the "loyal one" -- due to his allegiance to Cuba's dictators), is now leasing government-owned buildings in old Havana to a handful of "private small businesses."

Translation to reality: On behalf of the Castro brothers, Eusebio Leal is using his official position as "Historian of Havana" to preferentially lease space in previously confiscated buildings in prime locations in Old Havana to five Castro loyalists (including Fidel's former chef).

Therefore, Castro's mafia can continue to enrich themselves.

It's called the piñata.