Castro's Foreign Propaganda Corp

Thursday, July 19, 2012
This week, the Castro regime sent off 32 new Ambassadors to posts throughout the world.

Despite its grave economic troubles, the Castro regime has more embassies throughout the world than any other Latin American nation.

That's because propaganda and intelligence-gathering are key to the regime.

In a ceremony, whereby the new Ambassadors swore an oath to the Castro regime, they were instructed by the Vice-Minister for Foreign Affairs, Abelardo Moreno, that the function of a Cuban Ambassador is to "defend national security" and to "focus on spreading information about the rehabilitation of Cuba's economy and to confront all efforts to minimize its extent and depth."

In other words, their focus is to spread propaganda about Raul's so-called "reforms."

Similar to the recently revealed lobbying strategies of Syria's Assad, and Libya's Gaddafi before that, the smoke-screen of "reforms" is used to preserve the repressive apparatus of these regimes.

Sadly, Castro's Ambassadors are already being aided abroad by a handful of so-called Cuba "experts" and even a couple of Cuban-American businessmen.