Update on the Paya Crash Survivors

Wednesday, July 25, 2012
From McClatchy Newspapers:

The Cuban government described it as a one-car accident and Spain's El Mundo newspaper reported Tuesday, without identifying its sources, that Carromero, who was at the wheel, told Cuban police he missed a sign to slow down on a curve, lost control and went off the road.

Paya's son Oswaldo told journalists Tuesday, however, that the Europeans phoned their bosses in Sweden and Spain Sunday "to say that a truck hit them, crashed into them, rammed them several times until it drove them off the road."

Carromero also called one of his supervisors hours before the crash to report he was being "pursued" by another vehicle, said Regis Iglesia, the Madrid representative of Paya's Christian Liberation Movement, MCL,. Iglesia told El Nuevo Herald he spoke with the Carromero supervisor, in the youth wing of the ruling Popular Party.

Carromero was being held in Bayamo on Tuesday and could face charges in the fatal crash. Modig gave a deposition Monday and was in Havana on Tuesday trying to a get a seat on a plane to Europe, a European diplomat in the Cuban capital told El Nuevo Herald.

The truth of the crash will not be known until Modig and Carromero go home and offer "an objective and irrefutable testimony" free from possible Cuban government pressures, said Sanchez, whose own preliminary inquiry tended to support the government version.

Paya's widow, Ofelia Acevedo, told the Miami-based Radio/TV Marti that she learned of the crash when Iglesia called her from Madrid to report the car had been forced off the road and that three of the men were in a Bayamo hospital "but a fourth one was not."

She dialed his cellular phone and a policeman answered. "He told me that the phone was ringing, and that he had taken it from the pocket of the fatality," said Acevedo.