Doing Odebrecht's Bidding in Havana

Wednesday, September 5, 2012
Last week, Fernando Pimentel, Brazil's Minister of Development, Industry and Foreign Trade, traveled to Havana to meet with Cuban dictator Raul Castro and to visit the Mariel port expansion project undertaken by Brazilian construction company Odebrecht.

The $950 million expansion of the Port of Mariel is known as Raul Castro's key commercial endeavor -- courtesy of Brazil's ruling "Workers' Party" and Odebrecht.

(This is the same Odebrecht that insists upon receiving millions in Florida taxpayer funds, against the democratic will of Floridians.)

According to Brazil's Ambassador to Cuba, Jose Felicio, the Mariel project seeks to undermine U.S. policy and provide economic support to the Castro regime.

"Latin America has a unanimous position as relates to the 'blockade' and the way to reduce its effect is to provide economic and financial support," Felicio told EFE.

Odebrecht's Cuba project also seeks to provide the Castro regime with its first major commercial port, whereby Brazilian companies can relocate to Cuba, exploit the dictatorship's cheap slave-labor, and then export their products.

So much for the "Workers' Party".