Breakdown of Cuban-American Voter Preferences

Sunday, October 28, 2012
From today's Mason-Dixon/Miami Herald poll:

1. President Obama’s policies regarding relations between the U.S. and Cuba

Support: 14%
Oppose: 71%
Undecided: 15%

2. Expand the rights of Americans to travel freely to Cuba

Support: 29%
Oppose: 60%
Undecided: 11%

3. If the presidential election were today, who would get your vote?

Obama: 19%
Romney: 76%
Undecided: 5%

(Editor's Note: These numbers are en route to match Al Gore's post-Elian 2000 performance).

The Mason-Dixon/Miami Herald poll was conducted Oct. 22-24 by telephone in English and Spanish. It included 625 likely voters in Miami-Dade County. The poll's margin of error was four percentage points.