Bendixen Peddles Exit Poll Fiction (Again)

Thursday, November 8, 2012
Like every election cycle, Sergio Bendixen, who is infamously known for the inacuracy of his polls, is once again peddling inaccurate exit polling data about Cuban-American voting trends.

This time, he goes as far as claiming that President Obama nearly split the Cuban-American vote (48-52).

Yet, once again, Bendixen ignores the facts.

A simple visual overview of the Miami-Dade County electoral map (below) clearly shows that the precincts with the highest concentration of Cuban-American voters were precincts that Mitt Romney solidly won, in some cases with two-to-one margins. 

It's also important to note that exit polls taken on election day do not account for the high volume of Cuban-American voters that voted early or by absentee ballot. 

Finally, if President Obama would have won a majority of the Cuban-American vote, he would have won Miami-Dade County by a much higher margin.  The county wide number this year is consistent with 2008 and three points down from 2004 -- in both elections, the Cuban-American vote strongly favored Bush and McCain.

As the votes are just now being certified, we'll soon have a further analysis of the facts, precint-by-precint.