How to Minimize Castro's Aid Funnel

Saturday, November 3, 2012
Pursuant to Hurricane Sandy, the Castro regime has only accepted international disaster relief from Russia's Vladimir Putin and Venezuela's Hugo Chavez.


Because Raul Castro understands the importance of controlling the distribution of aid. It is another tool for him to exert power over Cuba's suffering population.

(Remember it was Fidel and Raul Castro who taught Ethiopia's former Communist dictator Mengistu Haile Mariam how to manipulate international aid and starve that African nation into submission).

Meanwhile, many in the Cuban exile community and elsewhere are searching for ways to help the victims of Hurricane Sandy.

Yet, they correctly want to minimize exposure to the Castro regime's greedy tentacles.

For example, there have been various appeals in the exile community for financial contributions through Catholic Charities (Caritas).

But here's the problem with Caritas.

Whether you donate directly to Caritas in Cuba or through their U.S. affiliates, the money will end up in Caritas Cuba's account in the Banco Financiero Internacional S.A.

Banco Financiero Internacional S.A. is a bank owned by the Castro brothers.  It was founded in 1984 to traffic in hard currency, as the financial arm of the Ministry of the Interior's front-company CIMEX.

In case you have any doubt, its Euro-denominated account # is 0300000004086148.

Sending hard currency through Castro's piggy-bank is probably unwise.

Instead, consider supporting the victims of Hurricane Sandy via pro-democracy and civil society leaders.  It will simultaneously help empower them in the process.

Purchase non-perishable foods and first aid through Internet sites that specialize in sending care packages to Cuba and designate delivery to one of the following pro-democracy leaders, who will ensure it is directly distributed in the affected provinces:

Yoani Sánchez or Reinaldo Escobar (telef: +53.52708611 / +53.52896812): Municipio Plaza: Factor 821 apartamento 14-B entre Conill y Santa Ana.

Ailer González (telef: +53.53233726): Playa: Ave 1ra #4606 entre 46 y 60 Miramar.

Berta Soler (telef: +53.52906820): Centro Habana: Neptuno 963 entre Aramburu y Hospital.

Wilfredo Vallin (telef: +53.53149664): La Víbora: Saco No. 457 apartamento No.6, entre Carmen y Patrocinio.

Be generous, but be careful.