Odebrecht Just Can't Get Enough of Castro

Wednesday, November 7, 2012
Despite receiving billions in Cuban-American taxpayer funds, now Odebrecht wants to traffic in illegally confiscated properties as well.

Florida and Miami-Dade officials need to take a principled stand against such unscrupulous behavior.

From Reuters:

Brazilian builder Odebrecht SA will begin administrating a Cuban sugar mill next week in the first sign the industry is ready to accept foreign participation since the 1959 revolution, two company sources said on Wednesday.

Odebrecht subsidiary, Compañía de Obras en Infraestructura (COI), is expected to sign the agreement with state-run sugar monopoly AZCUBA on Friday, according to the company sources and two diplomatic sources.

COI has been working in Cuba for a number of years building new port facilities at Mariel Bay, just west of Havana.