What's State Thinking?

Monday, November 19, 2012
See the two pictures below.

The first is of Cuban dictator Raul Castro's granddaughter, Vilma Rodriguez Castro, drinking and dancing the night away in New York City last week.

Vilma is the daughter of Deborah Castro Espin and Col. Luis Alberto Rodriguez Lopez Callejas, Chairman of the Castro business conglomerate GAESA, which controls the island's tourism industry and just about everything else.

Thus, Vilma's Rolex and Louis Viutton are courtesy of all those generous Cuba travelers.

The second  picture is of a badly beaten Antonio Rodiles, the young Cuban pro-democracy leader and founder of the civil society group Estado de Sats, who was imprisoned last week.

What was the State Department thinking in granting Vilma Rodriguez Castro a visa to party in Manhattan, while young Cubans are being beaten and arrested by her family?

Will the U.S. also be granting visas for the Assad clan to party in South Beach, while young Syrians are being slaughtered on the streets of Damascus?

Is the goal to demoralize young pro-democracy leaders?

If so, great job.