Paya's Family on Carromero's Repatriation

Sunday, December 16, 2012
The following is a statement by Rosa Maria Paya, on behalf of the Christian Liberation Movement (MCL), on the repatriation to Spain of youth activist Angel Carromero.

Rosa Maria Paya is the daughter of deceased Cuban pro-democracy leader Oswaldo Paya.

Carromero was accused by the Castro regime of vehicular manslaughter in the crash that killed Oswaldo Paya.

Statement from the MCL:

Our family is happy that Angel can finally return to Madrid, to be with his mother and the rest of his family. We believe that he has been yet another victim of the Cuban government, which has kept him hostage and now returns him to Spain with the absurd condition that he remains in prison.

This is the same Cuban government that refuses to give us the report of my father's autopsy.

The same government that has not yet returned to the family of Harold Cepero (also deceased in the crash) the SIM cards of the cell-phones he was traveling with.

The same government that does not hesitate to use force against all who dare to work for changes and human rights, and which violently represses members of the opposition.

The same government that keeps me as a hostage and does not allow me to leave the country.

The same government that threatened my father with death for years, with more aggressiveness and frequency in recent months.

We do not believe in the version of those who govern. We insist and work for an independent investigation to clarify the facts. We hope the return of Angel will contribute in clarifying them and that he will explain the text messages that he himself sent saying that they had been rammed by another car at the time of the incident.

We are happy for Angel and his family. We hope that from Madrid he will help clarify the truth, which we will not rest until we find.

Rosa Maria Paya Acevedo movement Christian Liberation Havana, December 14, 2012