Please, For the Sake of Journalism

Thursday, December 6, 2012
Dear foreign news bureaus in Havana:

For the sake of journalism, we urge you to call attention to the unjust imprisonment of Cuban independent journalist, Calixto Martinez Arias.

During the summer, Calixto broke the news of a cholera outbreak in Cuba weeks after the government declared it eradicated. He then discovered five tons of humanitarian aid sent to Cuba by the Word Health Organization (WHO), which was left to spoil at Havana's airport.

In democratic countries, Calixto would be recognized for his audacious investigative reporting.

However, in Cuba, he was arrested on September 16th and charged with "disrespect" to the figures of Fidel and Raul Castro.

He is currently on the 25th day of a hunger strike, and in a very weakened state, at the infamous Combinado del Este prison.

Please inform the world about your professional colleague, Calixto Martinez Arias.

If in your home countries criticizing (or the perception of criticizing) political figures would be a "crime" -- you'd all be in prison.

The only difference between you and Calixto is that you were fortunate enough to be born in freedom.

Thank you in advance.