Quote of the Week

Monday, December 17, 2012
Will they bring Angel [Carromero] on Iberia? Will he come in handcuffs?  Will he continue denying the first version that he and Aron (Modig) gave about the events on 7/22 or will he continue to be willing to serve an unjust sentence, despite being innocent, in his own country? Will the Spanish government be capable of keeping Angel in jail knowing, as they know, his innocence? Will that be the price to pay to keep its economic interests in Cuba? Will Angel's friends and colleagues in the new generation of the [governing] Partido Popular allow this?
-- Regis Iglesias Ramirez, former Cuban political prisoner (of the Black Spring's 75) who was banished to Spain in 2011, poses questions for the Spanish government upon the repatriation of Castro's Spanish hostage Angel Carromero, Facebook, 12/15/12