The Price Paid For Carromero's Repatriation

Sunday, December 30, 2012
Spanish political activist Angel Carromero, who was accused by the Castro regime of driving the car that crashed and killed Cuban pro-democracy leaders Oswaldo Paya and Harold Cepero, has now been repatriated to Spain.

Carromero will serve the remainder of his 4-year Cuban prison term in a Spanish prison, unless granted parole earlier.

Note that Carromero was accused of "vehicular manslaughter" by the Castro regime. However, Paya's family (and Carromero himself before being taken into custody) holds that the car was rammed by another vehicle, presumably of secret police officials that had been following them for hours.

Other details of the price paid for Carromero's repatriation are now being revealed.

According to sources involved in the negotiations (as revealed to Spain's Zoom News), the Spanish government formally recognized the sham trial against Carromero and paid the Castro regime a $3 million ransom.  Meanwhile, Carromero committed that he would remain silent regarding the details of the crash.

(This, of course, in addition to Spain's new push to change the EU's Common Position toward Cuba -- despite a historic spike in repression -- and new tourism investments.)

Overall, the price paid for Carromero's repatriation is absolute impunity for the Castro regime in the deaths of Paya and Cepero.

A heavy burden for their families, loved ones and future victims of Cuba's dictatorship.