The Violence and Impunity Continues

Tuesday, December 4, 2012
The Castro regime's brutal repression -- and impunity -- against non-violent democratic activists remains steadily on the rise.

Here's a compilation of some of this past weekend's violent arrest of activists.

From the Committee for Racial Integration and the Citizen's Observatory Against Discrimination: Juan Antonio Madrazo Luna, Leonardo Calvo Cárdenas and Eleanor Calvo Cárdenas.

From the Cuban Patriotic Union (UNPACU) in eastern Cuba: Adisnidia Cruz Segreo, Lázaro Romero, Luis E. Benítez, Ernesto Riverí, Alexei Vargas, Aracelio Rivao, Jonris Brea, Edel Ruiz, Alexis Kuán, Willian Cepeda, Rolando Humberto González, Rubén Adrogue, Osmani Sántos, Matilde Mejías, Miraida Martín, Adriana Núñez, Yilian Cebreco, Yesica Miranda and Ovidio Martín.

From the The Ladies in White: Berta Guerrero, Jacqueline García, Anisley Pavon and Maria C. Labrada.

From the Central Opposition Coalition: Yanoisy Contreras, Jesus Rodriguez, Jorge Vazquez Chaviano, Luis Enrique Monzon, Luis Enrique Santos, Onelia Alonso and Joselino Lopez.

From The Movement for Civil Thought: Rolando Reyes Brim.

Meanwhile, Calixto Martinez, a 42- year old independent journalist, is on the 23rd day of his hunger strike. He is currently being held -- without trial -- in a punishment cell in the notorious Combinado del Este Prison. His "crime" was exposing the cholera outbreak, which the Castro regime was trying to hide from the public.

And a Cuban state security official shoved signature sheets from the "For Another Cuba" petition into the mouth of pro-democracy activist, Yuri Martines.

More "reform" you can't believe in.