Will Bankrupt Spain Subsidize Havana Travel?

Tuesday, December 18, 2012
Spain's flagship airline Iberia has announced that it will halt its flights to Cuba beginning on April 1st -- for they are no longer profitable.

Apparently, since the financial crisis, middle-aged Spaniards no longer have money to travel to exploit young Cuban prostitutes.

Now, Spanish businessmen want the government to intervene.

Will the Spanish government --  which is near default -- subsidize Iberia's Havana route in order to satisfy immoral businessmen that have chosen to partner with the Castro dictatorship?

Let's just say it wasn't good judgment that got Spain into its fiscal mess.


The association representing the more than 360 Spanish firms with operations in Cuba asked Iberia airline and Spain's government Tuesday for the carrier to reverse its decision to eliminate service between Havana and Madrid.

In letters to Iberia chief Antonio Vazquez and Spanish Development Minister Ana Pastor, the association expressed its "deep concern" about the upcoming suspension of Iberia flights between Spain and Cuba.

"We know the elimination of this and other routes to the Caribbean will have a negative effect on our productive activities as well as on the growing and, right now, very profitable economic relations between the Iberian Peninsula and the island (Cuba)," the letters said.