Castro's Weekly Violence Against Women

Wednesday, January 9, 2013
The Castro regime began the New Years by arresting 14 peaceful members of the Ladies in White pro-democracy movement, in order to impede their attending religious services.

This has become a tragic weekly ritual.

Apparently, it makes the Castro brothers feel very manly to beat up unarmed, harmless women.

Those arrested this past weekend are:

Lin Eladia Quintana González
Caridad Peinado Gutierrérrez
Aimé Moya Montes de Oca
Lisandra Farray Rodríguez
Marbeli González Reyes
Bertha Guerrero Segura
Romelia Piña González
Rosa María Naranjo Nieves
Glisedi Piña González
Liliana Campo Bruzon
Marleni Abreu Almaguer
Barbará  Bauza Drigg
Ana María Aguilera Paneque
Nidia Rodriguez Santiesteban

More "reform" you can't believe in.