On the Repression Front

Thursday, January 17, 2013
The Castro regime continuous to prove it has absolutely no intention of respecting the fundamental human rights of the Cuban people.

Last week, activists of the Republican Party of Cuba (no relation to the U.S.) tried to stage a public demonstration in Havana to remind the world about four of their colleagues (two of them women), who were violently arrested on October 30th and remain imprisoned.

They are:

Josiel Guía Piloto
Yeander Farres Delgado
Nayllibis Corrales Jiménez
Madeleine Lazara Carabello

Moreover, Yordanis Alvares Puig, an activist of the Independent and Democratic Cuba opposition group, was taken into custody to begin serving a one-year prison sentence.

His "crime"?

Hanging a banner in his home that read: "In Cuba, there is no justice."

This was prosecuted as an "offense" to the Castro brothers.  Literally, that's the "law" that was applied.

Alvares Puig has been on hunger strike since he was jailed on January 6th.

More "reform" you can't believe in.

Courtesy of Uncommon Sense.