Pro-Democracy Leader Targeted in Murder Plot

Wednesday, January 16, 2013
The Castro regime's secret police tried to pressure an 18-year old member of the opposition group, Cuban Patriotic Union (UNPACU), to murder its leader, Jose Daniel Ferrer.

Ferrer and UNPACU, whose ranks have swelled in the last years, have become the biggest target of the Castro dictatorship in the eastern provinces.

Just this month, senior regime officials were sent from Havana to the city of Santiago de Cuba to devise a strategy to dismantle UNPACU.

Thirty-two (32) of UNPACU's members are currently in prison for political offenses -- two of them are women.

Moreover, three UNPACU activists, Jesus Diaz Morales, Josue Senna and Ariel Meneses Cruz, were recently chased down by hooded individuals and beaten with blunt objects.

The 18-year old, Yohandry Pupo Sarmiento, attempted suicide due to the pressure put on him by Castro's secret police.

Pupo would later confess the episode to Ferrer.

He was asked to poison Ferrer's food -- also putting Ferrer's wife and children at risk.

See Pupo's full testimony (in Spanish) here.

"He was visited in the hospital by the agent who was his handler, a captain who called himself Leo, and he said to him: 'Why did you do this? Instead of trying to kill yourself you should try to kill Jose Daniel. Don't you want to leave the country? We can help get you out. This anger you have against yourself, turn it towards Jose Daniel and we will help you get out of here,'" Ferrer explained to Diario de Cuba.

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