What About Calixto?

Wednesday, January 16, 2013
The BBC, AP, CNN and Reuters -- all with bureaus in Cuba -- have finally reported on the outbreak of cholera in Havana, which was being covered-up by the Castro regime.

NBC settled for a tweet.

The BBC had the journalistic courage to actually investigate the widely-known claims, whereas the rest waited for the Castro regime to put out a press release recognizing -- and minimizing -- the outbreak.

The Castro regime's press release was put out the day after the BBC's story -- for they were finally outed by the mainstream media.

Yet, none of the stories mentions Calixto Martinez Arias.

Martinez Arias is one of their colleagues.

He's a Cuban independent journalist, who has been jailed by the communist regime since September 16th, 2012, for first reporting about a cholera outbreak on the eastern part of the island.

Martinez Arias also discovered five tons of humanitarian aid sent to Cuba by World Health Organization (WHO), which was left to spoil at Havana's airport.

Honor his courage and integrity.