(Yet) Another Repressor Gets a U.S. Visa

Thursday, January 3, 2013
Cuban democracy activists are denouncing that (yet) another agent of the Castro regime's secret police has been rewarded with a visa to travel to the U.S.

The agent's name is Adalberto Sanchez Surit, also known as "El Nene."

He is known for the brutal beatings of peaceful pro-democracy activists in the city of Santa Cruz del Sur.

His brother, Ramon and sisters Mirta and Barbara live in the U.S.

To give this repressor a visa sends a horrible message: Beat up innocent people and get rewarded by the U.S.

Moreover, it goes against President Obama's Presidential Proclamation 8697 of August 2011, which supposedly sought to "close the gap" in granting visas to foreign nationals affiliated with human rights violators.

We hope the State Department reconsiders.