A Third Paya Confidant Killed in a Car Crash

Wednesday, February 20, 2013
Antonio Rodriguez, a leader of Cuba's opposition Christian Liberation Movement (MCL) and confidant of its deceased leader Oswaldo Paya, was killed in a mysterious car crash yesterday.

Traveling with him were two Jesuit priests, who survived the crash and are currently in stable condition.

Last year, Oswaldo Paya, founder of the MCL, and activist Harold Cepero, were also killed in a mysterious car crash.

As Paya's daughter denounced yesterday in Geneva:

"My dear father, Oswaldo PayĆ”, and my young friend Harold Cepero gave their lives fighting peacefully against "Fraudulent Change" and for the freedom of all Cubans.  My family, the MCL and many people do not believe that their deaths were accidental.  My father received many death threats during his life, which increased in the last months of his life.  We received a mobile text message from Madrid that told us that his car was hit by another car.  And much of the information suggests that their deaths were provoked intentionally.  We are asking for your support of our request for an international investigation into their deaths."

As the old saying goes, "Two is a coincidence. Three is a trend."

Rest in Peace.