Shocking News: Raul Castro to Remain Cuba's Dictator

Sunday, February 24, 2013
While Cuba "experts" stare at blank television sets awaiting the end of Castro's National Assembly meeting -- as it's closed to the media -- let us give you a quick preview.

Raul Castro will remain Cuba's dictator. 

Moreover, Cuba will remain a totalitarian dictatorship ruled by the Castro brothers.

The first item leaked out for "experts" to entertain themselves with -- Esteban Lazo, an old-time Communist, will replace Ricardo Alarcon, an old-time Communist, as the new powerless head of Castro's National Assembly.

Also, Miguel Diaz-Canel, an errand boy for Raul Castro, will serve on the Council of State, flanked by a bunch of Generals.

Diaz-Canel is the latest version of Roberto Robaina, Carlos Lage, Felipe Perez-Roque and Carlos Valenciaga -- the expendable younger smoke-screen for the island's octogenarian leaders.

And tomorrow morning everything will remain the same.

Meanwhile, on the streets of Havana, over 56 Ladies in White were violently arrested for peacefully commemorating the three-year anniversary of the death of pro-democracy activist Orlando Zapata Tamayo and the seventeenth anniversary of the murder of four young Brothers to the Rescue pilots.