Cuba: Most Popular Destination for Child-Sex Tourism

Saturday, March 16, 2013
"The job of keeping track of child-sex tourists is becoming even more challenging as new destinations such as Cuba emerge, eclipsing hot-spots in southeast Asia. An internal Royal Canadian Mounted Police report, released to The Star under Access to Information legislation, cited Cuba as the most popular destination in the Americas for child-sex tourism — and the Americas’ most visited region for Canadians traveling abroad for sex with kids."

From The Miami Herald:

James McTurk: Portrait of an alleged sex tourist in Cuba

Canadian James McTurk, 78, is one of a very small group of Canadian men to face charges for the crime of child-sex tourism. He is accused of taking several trips to Cuba, where some of his alleged victims were as young as 4. 

James McTurk is 78. He has wispy white hair and glasses, and speaks with a soft Scottish accent. He lives on a pension — and in a jail cell.

He has been twice convicted on child pornography charges, and his legal troubles have just intensified: McTurk could become the first person in Canada to be convicted of sex tourism in connection with the abuse of children in Cuba.

He is now one of a very small group of Canadian men to face charges for the crime of child-sex tourism.

McTurk does not travel to Cambodia or Thailand, destinations of choice for those who seek sex with children. All of his known and alleged victims have been Cuban girls. All were young, and some were very young — as young as 4.

McTurk has spent several years on Canada’s sex offender registry, but he was able to make repeated trips abroad until he was caught last summer, almost by accident. He was arrested at Toronto’s Lester B. Pearson airport, returning — once again — from Cuba.

According to court documents — and to McTurk himself, in interviews with police — he travels there frequently [...]