EU to Maintain "Common Position" Toward Castro

Thursday, March 14, 2013
From EFE:

Spanish Foreign Minister Jose Manuel Garcia-Margallo on Wednesday assured the leader of the Cuban dissident movement Ladies in White that the European Union will maintain its tough "common position" toward the regime in Havana.

That is what Berta Soler told Efe after meeting Wednesday with Garcia-Margallo, to whom she expressed her concern that the common position was "weakening."

The foreign minister assured her that the common position "will continued to be maintained until in Cuba" there is official respect for human rights and democracy is installed, Soler said.

The common position, agreed to by the EU in 1996, establishes that the level of European cooperation with Cuba will depend on the advances that country makes in democracy and political openness.

On her first trip outside Cuba, Soler, who supports the maintenance of the U.S. embargo against the Communist island, is denouncing repression in her country and asking for an increase in international pressure on the Castro regime.