Dissidents Continue Standoff in Santiago

Saturday, April 20, 2013
Nearly a week ago, over 25 members of the Cuban Patriotic Union (UNPACU) began a sit-in protest and hunger strike in the Central Park of the eastern city of Santiago.

They are protesting the increased repression against their colleagues -- 40 of whom are currently in prison.

The park has been surrounded by Castro's state security forces.

In towns near Santiago, activists have held solidarity protests, some of which have been violently attacked by the regime's forces. These include the homes of Maximiliano Sánchez Perera and Ramon Bolaños, where agents broke in, beat and arrested those gathered.

Meanwhile, flyers and stickers in support of the UNPACU hunger strikers have been found throughout the city.

Led by UNPACU founder Jose Daniel Ferrer, those on hunger strike in Santiago include:

Darmis Aguedo Zaldívar
Enrique Lozada Igarza
Arnoldo Lozada Igarza
Yoandris Veranes Hernández
Ana Celia Rodríguez Torres
Ramón Escalona Salinas
Yunieski San Martín Garcés
Yonnis Wilson Rauseau
Sirley Ávila León
Gohart Cruz Zamora
Daniel Barriel Sanjurjo
Lázaro Curbelo Mejías
Vladimir Alarcón Moré
Ángel Bess Beirides
Wilder Cervantes Guza
Doraisa Correoso Pozo
Jesús Dupotey Ferrer
Adriana Núñez Pascual
Roberto González Feria
Marcia Oduardo Mustelier
José Amado Estrada Varela
Roel Prado Mondejal
Norvis Pérez Reyes
Arnold Hernández Yen

Here's a picture of some of the UNPACU hunger strikers gathered in Santiago: