Have No Fear: Kim Appoints a "Reformer"

Monday, April 1, 2013
From Saif Gaddafi to Bashar Assad, to Raul Castro and Kim Jong Un, the media is obsessed with the story-line of brutal dictators as "reformers."

Apparently, they can torture, murder and imprison countless innocent people -- so long as they pretend to implement some sort of economic "reform."

Doesn't this all sound eerily familiar?

From today's AP:

North Korea taps reformist premier amid nuclear tension

North Korea on Monday shifted, at least temporarily, away from weeks of warlike rhetoric, appointing a new premier seen as an economic reformer after a high-level declaration that nuclear bomb building and a stronger economy are the nation's top priorities [...]

The reemergence of Pak Pong Ju as premier at an annual spring parliamentary session is seen by analysts as a clear signal that leader Kim Jong Un is moving to back up recent statements vowing a focus on strengthened economic development. The U.N. says two-thirds of the country's 24 million people face regular food shortages. Pak was reportedly sacked as prime minister in 2007 after proposing a U.S.-style wage system.

The appointment signals that Pak will play a key role in economic policymaking again.

"Pak Pong Ju is the face of economic reform, such as it exists -- reform with North Korean characteristics as they say," said John Delury, a professor and North Korea analyst at Seoul's Yonsei University.