Quote(s) of the Day

Monday, April 1, 2013
With its monumental spaces and its winter nights, which we shared with a community of Cubans, who until then knew us only through the internet, Washington seemed like the most civil city in the world, free of armed troops guarding government buildings, and with a sea of students excitedly visiting Capitol Hill and the White House. Such a thing would be inconceivable at the ministries in my country.
-- Orlando Luis Pardo Lazo, Cuban artist and blogger, on his recent trip to Washington, D.C., Sampsonia Way, 4/1/13

We are going to need each other for a future Cuba and we need each other in the present Cuba. Without you our country would be incomplete, as if someone had amputated its limbs. We cannot allow them to continue to divide us.
-- Yoani Sanchez, Cuban blogger, in her remarks today at Miami-Dade Community College (MDCC), 4/1/13