The Ladies Who Beyonce and Castor Ignored

Monday, April 8, 2013
While American pop star Beyonce and U.S. Rep. Kathy Castor (D-FL) were toured around Havana by Castro regime officials this weekend, Cuba's Ladies in White took to the streets in pursuit of freedom and democracy.

The Ladies in White is a pro-democracy group composed of the mothers, daughters, wives and other relatives of Cuban political prisoners. They wear white clothing to symbolize their peaceful, non-violent opposition.

Yet sadly, like every week, they are confronted by the violence of Castro regime officials -- and the silence of its foreign guests.

Yesterday, in the eastern city of Santiago, 58 of the Ladies in White were brutally detained in order to prevent them from attending Mass.

Smaller groups of 5 and 10 managed to conduct peaceful protest walks in the cities of Guantanamo and Colon.

In Havana, 54 of the Ladies in White, led by Laura Labrada and Belkis Cantillo, walked as a group to attend Mass at Santa Rita Church.

They dedicated their walk to imprisoned colleagues, Sonia Garro, who has been held without charges since March of last year, and to Nayllibi Gimenez, who has been held since November.

Couldn't Beyonce and Castor spend 5 minutes from the hours upon hours they dedicated to the Castro regime to join these courageous women-- or to even publicly express their solidarity?