For Those Who Oppose Sanctions

Thursday, May 9, 2013
In El Nuevo Herald, Roland Behar writes about Cuban pro-democracy leader and Estado de Sats founder, Antonio Rodiles:

Rodiles holds that history has proven that the Cuban government has always used the funds at its disposal for any purpose, except for the improvement of the quality of life of the population and the development of the nation. Rodiles reminds us that during the era of Soviet subsidies, those funds were used to foment subversion throughout the world, instead of to create a productive and industrial base. He also reminds us that during the 1990s, after the disappearance of the USSR, the embargo had a real effect, which led to "concessions" unlike any we have seen during these times of "openings." Once Chavez began cooperating, the "openings" were eliminated, culminating with the horrible Black Spring of 2003.  He sent a clear message to those who from the comfort of Miami, coincide with the Cuban government and advocate for easing economic sanctions, pointing to their responsibility -- [for if sanctions are eased] as the Cuban government once again begins to feel economically stable, the first thing it will do is imprison all those who oppose it.

(Translation by CHC).