Must-Watch: Life of an Independent Journalist in Cuba

Saturday, June 15, 2013
Please watch below the amazing remarks (with English captions) of Roberto de Jesus Guerra at the 2013 Oslo Freedom Forum.

Guerra is the founder of the Cuban independent news agency, Hablemos Press.

Here's his opening statement:

"When I was 14 years old, I participated in a meeting in my neighborhood, organized by the Cuban Communist Party. The Party delegate said that 'we should be grateful to the Revolution for the food they sell us through the ration card.' I responded telling him that 'with 5 pounds of rice and 10 ounces of beans we can't live.' A few days later, I was arrested and imprisoned for pre-criminal social dangerousness, together with 196 other teenagers from my region. I was sentenced to one year-and-six months of forced labor at a center for minors where I was forced to cut sugar cane. My story was never published in the media. My name is Roberto de Jesus Guerra Perez and I am an independent journalist."