State and Castro Agree on Terms of Travel

Wednesday, July 10, 2013
The State Department has given permission to two Cuban Interests Section officials in Washington, D.C. to travel to Miami to meet with a pro-Castro group.

We wonder if the State Department gives permission to Iranian officials to meet with pro-Khameini groups in Los Angeles or Syrian officials to meet with pro-Assad groups in Detroit.

This is insulting and dangerous on many fronts.

However, it also sheds lights on the Obama Administration's travel policy.

In a video recording of the meeting, a Castro regime official (who might as well have intelligence agent stamped on his forehead) says that the "habilitation" of passports for Cubans abroad to travel to the island -- a pre-requisite for anyone born in Cuba regardless of current citizenship -- is based on their "behavior."

"Once the [passport] habilitation has been approved it remains that way, unless you do something against our country, or that you participate in a campaign of some sort against Havana," said Castro's consul (agent) Llanio Gonzalez Perez (pictured below).

Sadly, this seems consistent with the State Department's consular sheet for travelers to Cuba, which warns Americans to "avoid all demonstrations" by domestic opposition groups.

Thus travelers to Cuba, whether of Cuban origin or people-to-people, are only supposed to take remittances, enjoy the Castro regime's luxurious hotels, clubs and restaurants, and stay away from anyone who dares advocate for freedom and democracy.

Seems like a win-win (for Castro).