Two Weeks Ago: General Kim Kyok Sik Meets General Castro

Wednesday, July 17, 2013
Here's a story we had posted on June 29th.

It's pretty safe to say that General Kim Kyok Sik was not in Havana buying sugar.

Below is a picture of General Kim Kyok Sik meeting with General Castro.

From AFP:

North Korea and Cuba: "In the Same Trench"

North Korea's army chief of staff said Friday in Havana his country is "in the same trench" as Cuba, local television reported.

General Kyok Sik Kim, who arrived a day earlier in the Americas' only Communist-run nation, said he was there "to find colleagues in the same trench: the Cuban comrades."

The general laid a wreath at the tomb of independence hero Antonio Maceo and visited a tank unit, accompanied by his local counterpart General Alvaro Lopez Miera.