Castro's Economic Idiocy

Thursday, August 29, 2013
Excerpt by Cuban economist Roberto Alvarez Quinones in Diario de Cuba:

In the face of overwhelming evidence of the failure of its centrally planned economy, the insistence of the Cuban dictatorship in "actualizing the socialist economic model" is an insult to human intelligence.  If a social and economic model (preferred by the founders of communism) that suppresses freedoms in order to create wealth and benefit themselves is an absurdity; then the insistence by the Castros of prioritizing the state economy and its refusal to seriously liberalize the constrained productive forces of the nation is a colossal irresponsibility -- not to mention idiocy.

It's astonishing that General Raul Castro, Colonel Marino Murillo and the rest of the creators of the so-called "reforms" keep reiterating that the objective is to strengthen the socialist economy, and that they keep highlighting the Alignments ("Lineamientos") of the last Party Congress, according to which "socialist planning will continue being the principal means of managing the economy," and will also apply to the "non-state sector."

This guiding document even states that "the concentration of property in legal persons (private businesses) or individuals will not be permitted."  In other words, nothing or no one will be able to grow and they will only foment the artisan economy of subsistence from the times of the "Advanced" (Spanish conquistador) Diego Velázquez.