Cuba Covers Up Cholera at Home, Yet Sends Doctors Abroad

Friday, August 23, 2013
Here's another one of the absurdities of Castro's Cuba (and the complicit blindness of its allies):

In the last year, the Castro regime has gone out of its way to cover-up a cholera epidemic in Cuba.

It even imprisoned the independent journalist, Calixto Martinez Arias, who fist revealed the outbreak.

(Note cholera was previously eradicated in Cuba in 1882.  Another example of how the Castro regime has taken Cuba back to colonial times.)

This week, the U.S. issued a travel warning regarding this epidemic in Cuba.

Yet, instead of taking care of its own people, the Castro regime continues trafficking its doctors abroad (this time to Brazil).


Because each Cuban doctor abroad (no matter how poorly trained) represents a 98% profit margin for the Castro brothers. 

As for Brazil, why would a country that has eradicated cholera import doctors from a country that is suffering from the epidemic and has tried to cover it up (in gross disregard for its own people)?