Cuban Air Force Chief (Curiously) Killed in Crash

Wednesday, August 28, 2013
Isn't it curious how the head of Cuba's air force and air-defense systems dies in a car crash on the very same week that U.N. inspectors seek to travel to Cuba to interview him regarding the shipment of Cuban fighter jets and anti-missile defense systems caught being smuggled to North Korea?

Also, there's no mention of where or how the crash took place.

And his body was quickly cremated.

Perhaps the Castro's felt he couldn't be trusted.

Or perhaps it's just a conspiracy theory.

You decide.

From Cuban state media:

Cuban General Dies in Car Accident

Chief of the Anti-Craft Defense and Revolutionary Air Force died on August 26 at 3.20 AM from the injuries suffered in a car accident he was involved in this Sunday. 

According to a press release from the Ministry of the Revolutionary Army Forces, General Mendiondo was driving his car on Sunday morning when he had the accident.

Following his will he was cremated and his ashes will be laid during a military ceremony this Tuesday in the Colon Cemetery, in the Revolutionary Army Forces Pantheon, in Havana city.