Young Cubans PAC Shows Generation Gap is a Myth

Thursday, August 29, 2013
By former Miami Herald reporter Elaine del Valle (known as "Ladra") in Political Cortadito:

Young Cubans’ PAC shows generation gap is a myth

I’m sick of hearing that Generation Ñ doesn’t care about the Cubans on the island, or the embargo or U.S. Cuba policy. Ladra herself had been instructed to write that “changing tide” story at the Miami Herald several times during the last few years she worked at the paper.

But it just isn’t true.

There has always been a strong second generation of Cuban Americans willing to carry on the torch that demands freedom of choice and expression on that prison island that our parents called home.

And there was proof earlier this month at the first gathering organized by the new Young Leaders Group of the U.S.-Cuba Democracy PAC, co-founded by Keith Fernandez, the former campaign staffer for Congresswoman Ileana Ros-Lehtinen who looks like a cubanito Huckleberry Finn. Another director of the board Carlos M. Gutierrez, Jr. is former aide to Congressman Mario Diaz-Balart.

“Young Cubans, Cuban-Americans, and Americans of Cuban descent are as concerned as their parents and grandparents about the happenings in Cuba. Every time I see a story about the supposed ‘changing community,’ be it youth or composition, my friends and I are bewildered since we know its untrue,” Fernandez told me, reading Ladra’s mind.

“We decided to do something about that fallacious perception. While we may have different touch points – many of us have not experienced a personal sense of loss – we are all committed to human rights and one day seeing a free and democratic Cuba,” said.

Somewhere around 50 people crammed into the bar at Azucar in Coral Gables on a Thursday night to hear from Jorge Luis Garcia Perez “Antuñez“, a political prisoner who did 17 years and 36 days time for daring to defy the Castro regime. He was impressed and encouraged by the number of young people he saw at the gathering, he said.