Odebrecht Distracts Miami, While Deepening Castro Ties

Friday, October 11, 2013
Earlier this week, Odebrecht's public relations team placed a story in The Miami Herald seeking to clean up its image.

The article gushes about how Odebrecht supposedly "cares" about Miami-Dade County (by partnering with the Cuban dictatorship that has tortured, imprisoned, executed and/or exiled its constituents and their families).

Aren't they considerate?

Now -- to add insult to insensitivity and injury -- it's clear that this story was just a timely distraction, as Odebrecht's executives are currently huddled in Havana in a two-day meeting with Cuban regime officials over how to develop the Castro's sugar and renewable energy sector.

Odebrecht did such efficient work for the Castro regime on its new $900 million Port of Mariel container facility, that it has since been granted (decreed) projects in Cuba's airport and sugar sectors.

Today, they are the Castro regime's single-most reliable foreign business partner.

And yet, Odebrecht still feels it deserves the gratitude (and money) of the Cuban-American community, from which it has extracted billions in taxpayer funds, all while exploiting our friends and families on the island.