Another Ridiculous "Reform": It's All About the Monopoly

Thursday, December 19, 2013
In another "reform" only worthy of Castro, Assad and Kim's propagandists, the Cuban regime has granted its people "the right" to buy new or second-hand car -- but only from the state's monopoly.

Previously, Cubans were first required to request permission from the monopoly, in order to then try to purchase a vehicle -- that they can't afford -- from the monopoly.

Now, they can just try to purchase a vehicle from the monopoly -- which the monopoly reserves the right to reject -- without first requesting permission from the monopoly.

Get it?

It's all about the monopoly.

Meanwhile, Havana's foreign bureaus herald this as "another step toward greater economic freedom."


From Reuters:

For the first time since the 1959 revolution, Cubans will have the right to buy new and used vehicles from the state without government permission, official media announced on Thursday, another step toward greater economic freedom on the communist-led island.

Under a reform two years ago, Cubans can buy and sell used cars from each other, but must request authorization from the government to purchase a new vehicle or second-hand one, usually a relatively modern rental car, from State retailers.

The Communist Party newspaper, Granma, said the Council of Ministers approved new regulations on Wednesday that "eliminate existing mechanisms of approval for the purchase of motor vehicles from the state."

As a result, Granma said, "the retail sale of new and used motorcycles, cars, vans, small trucks and mini buses for Cubans and foreign residents, companies and diplomats is freed up."

The Cuban state maintains a monopoly on the retail sale of cars.