Must-Read: CNN Reporter Describes Interview With Elian

Friday, December 13, 2013
By CNN Espanol reporter, Andres Lopez, on his interview this week with Elian Gonzalez:

From the beginning of the interview, every question and respective answer was carefully monitored by a "chaperone" who would not leave Elian's side. She would nod her head affirmatively as the young man answered. And that's how the interview "flowed."

As I listened, I must confess that I wasn't impacted by Elian being a "convinced" revolutionary. That was to be expected. What really impacted me was when I asked him about his mother: The person who 15 years ago fled Cuba, risked everything, who probably even denied herself air to save his young life.

Elian responded with no emotion whatsoever. He said his mother died like many others and that's it. He said it like someone who learns a "truth" by memory.

I immediately asked myself whether the principles of the Cuba revolution had hardened Elian's heart. I'd like to believe that deep down Elian faces an existential dilemma: To whom does he owe his loyalty? To the revolution or to his mother's love?

I hope that with time he inclines the scale in favor of the person that gave him life and even died for him.