Are Sanctions a Catalyst of Castro's "Reforms"?

Sunday, January 19, 2014
In the mid-90's, a courageous Argentine journalist dared to unmask dictator Fidel Castro through some tough questions.

Castro, not used to being held accountable by independent journalists, was speechless and razzled.

See the video below (or here).

Among his ramblings, Castro explained how his regime was forced to adopt some capitalist measures in order to defend the socialist model (pursuant to the collapse of the Soviet bloc) and overcome the obstacles placed by the U.S.'s "blockade."

That poses an interesting juxtaposition for opponents of U.S. sanctions.

If the economic "reforms" that anti-sanctions advocates herald are being forced by sanctions -- then why do they oppose sanctions?

Shouldn't they support maintaining and even strengthening sanctions as a catalyst for further "reforms"?

For Fidel and Raul surely haven't embarked upon them out of the goodness of their hearts.