Bob Graham Being "Propagandized" w/ Moot Cuba Trip

Sunday, January 12, 2014
Former U.S. Senator Bob Graham is heading to Cuba this week to (strangely) explore the Castro regime's moot offshore oil drilling efforts.

He is being hosted by long-time Castro regime admirer and propagandist, Julia Sweig, of the Council on Foreign Relations.

Obviously, Senator Graham hasn't gotten the memo that -- after much-hyped and failed efforts -- the chapter on the Castro regime's offshore drilling has been closed.

Moreover, the Castro regime has no means with which to try do so again. There aren't currently any offshore drilling rigs in Cuba, nor any foreign companies willing to invest in sending another one there.

It is simply commercially and logistically implausible.

Even those "oil experts" who were the Castro regime's biggest cheerleaders have admitted that the offshore drilling chapter has been closed.

More troubling are Senator Graham's comments regarding the trip.

According to the Naples Daily News, Graham said he had not seen an itinerary for the trip.

Maybe that's why he's also unaware that his trip is moot.  

"I feel I’m sophisticated enough to know when I might be propagandized,” said Graham.

That's true, Senator.

That's why we strongly recommend that you do your research beforehand on the fact that this issue is moot.

Furthermore, on the fact that your host, Julia Sweig, is one of the Castro regime's biggest propagandists.

U.S. counter-intelligence officials have even suspected her to be an "agent-of-influence" of the Castro regime.

Otherwise, it's pretty clear that you're already being propagandized.