Dissident Leaders Arrested Following Raul's Speech

Friday, January 3, 2014
On Wednesday, Cuban dictator Raul Castro gave his dictatorship's anniversary speech in the eastern city of Santiago de Cuba, a hotbed of dissident activity.

In his remarks, Raul expressed concern about the inroads that dissident groups are making among Cuba's disenchanted youth.

Not coincidentally, this morning, Jose Daniel Ferrer, leader of Santiago's most prominent dissident group, the Cuban Patriotic Union (UNPACU), was arrested.

Ferrer's home was assaulted and ransacked at dawn by Castro's secret police and over 40 shock troops.

Over a dozen other UNPACU activists have also been arrested, including Ovidio Martin Castellanos, Vladimir Martin Castellanos and Raul Perera.

Their whereabouts all remain unknown.

UPDATE: In Havana, reports are coming in that Berta Soler, head of The Ladies in White, and her husband, Angel Moya, have been arrested as well.