Dilma Bilking Taxpayers for Castro's Interests

Tuesday, January 21, 2014
Brazilians are weary of former President Lula da Silva and current President Dilma Rousseff placing their ideological interests first -- and consequently, bilking taxpayer money in favor of Cuba's Castro regime.

From Brazil's Diario do Poder:

Cuba First

I hate doing simulations or making assumptions from facts that could be taken seriously if we had a Congress, rather than the brothel we effectively have. "Loans" like those made by Lula to Cuba and Angola, where two dictators disguised as presidents reign with absolutism, should be the subject of impeachment and then heavy prison sentences against these disgusting men.

Just take a look: Cuba doesn't even produce 0.1% of what Brazil does. Yet, it now has a port capable of offloading products exported through the port of Santos with capacity to spare. Its infrastructure is modern and extensive, while our terminals are archaic and obsolete. Our largest export terminal, the Port of Santos, has been silted for decades and nobody takes action. Half of the money stupidly deposited in to the Cuban coffers, which will never return to our National Treasury, would be enough to leave the Port of Santos in an extraordinary condition. Meanwhile, nothing is being done here. Only 7% of the U.S. $218 million set aside to be invested in Brazilian terminals in 2013, or $15.5 million, have been expended.

Where was the biggest Brazilian investment in ports in recent years made? In Cuba. When the Cubans announced an "opening" for foreign investment in Cuba, and foreign companies, knowing that it would be impossible for them to control 100% of their investment on the island, they associated themselves with high level military officer to be able to continue to operate.

Today, anyone taking the risk of investing in Cuba will have to divide his capital with these uniformed crooks who control 80% of Cuba's GDP. This gang of military officers maintain an office here in Brazil, where else? In Jardins, the most chic neighborhood of São Paulo, where Brasraf Commercial Import and Export Ltda., a subsidiary of Almacenes, oversees trade between Brazil and Cuba from a luxurious office located there. And speaking of that, the Cubans are already giving thought to a new "secret" and out-of-sight "loan" for the coming months with the purpose of creating an industrial zone around the Port of Mariel, at our expense.

At the end of the month, Rousseff will embark for Cuba to inaugurate the great work of Lula, the man whose government executed that contract so prejudicial to Brazil. Here, that shameless man turned São Francisco over to the cockroaches, paralyzed the Trans-Northeastern railway and slow-walked the Abreu e Lima refinery, while in Cuba the inauguration of the port will now take place in late January.

In 2014, Brazil will lose 22% of the wealth generated by the biggest harvest of soybeans in history, 55 million tons. The reason for this is the clogged up condition of Brazil's port infrastructure and the loss of cargoes in truck accidents due to our terrible highways. In Angola, nobody knows where the over U.S. $5 billion donated by BNDES by express order of the scoundrel Caetés were employed. What is known is that nothing can be disclosed before 2027, it's a secret matter, according to Fernando Pimentel ,who acted outside the law to grant loans in secrecy. Worst of all is that no one goes to court against this chicanery done with the hard-earned money of Brazilian taxpayers.

Revolting and disgusting!