More Selective Silence From Cuba's Foreign Bureaus

Friday, January 24, 2014
Kudos to the The Miami Herald and The New York Times for reporting on the protest of more than 500 Cubans in the city of Holguin, pursuant to the Castro regime's raid and confiscation of goods at an open-air market there.

Yet, it's fascinating that not a single Cuba-based foreign news bureau has covered this story.

In contrast, there's not a press release from the Castro regime -- no matter how silly -- that they won't report on.

Moreover, these foreign news bureaus never miss an opportunity to "analyze" ("criticize") and speculate on U.S. policy from Havana.

However, they tend to be curiously absent every weekend, as The Ladies in White are beaten and arrested for attending Mass, or any time there are courageous acts of defiance and opposition to the Castro dictatorship.

They can (irresponsibly) choose to ignore it, but no one can deny it -- for it was caught on video.