Mysterious Death of Young American in Cuba

Friday, January 10, 2014
Last November, a young American traveler, Brandon Ross, died under mysterious circumstances during a visit to Cuba.

Ross, 31 years-old, visited the island with his Cuban-American mother, Onelia.

On the morning of November 22nd, Ross went out to take pictures in the area surrounding Havana's Hotel Nacional.

According to Telemundo 51, he was later found dead on the rooftop of the Hotel Nacional.

According to his mother, Ross' face was all bruised and his jaw broken, as if he had been beaten up.

The official report by the Cuban authorities state Ross died accidentally the night before.

Yet, his camera was full of pictures from that morning.

The Cuban authorities quickly cremated Ross' body and his mother has not received a copy of his autopsy.

This secretive process is typical operating procedure of the Castro regime when it seeks to hide information or cover-up the criminal activity of its cohorts.

Note it has taken nearly two months for this tragedy to come to light.