Raul is the Hard-Liner

Tuesday, January 7, 2014
Since the beginning of the Castro family's totalitarian dictatorship, Raul has served as the regime's chief executioner -- responsible for thousands of deaths (including those of Americans).

Raul was nearly indicted in U.S. federal courts (politically scrapped at the last minute by President Clinton) for trafficking seven and a half tons of cocaine into Florida.

Raul has stolen and hoarded nearly all of the island's wealth under the control of his military cronies and phantom corporations.

And since Raul's "promotion" to dictator-in-chief, Cuban pro-democracy activists are suffering the highest number of political arrests in 30 years.

Yet -- à la Assad, Kim and Gaddafi -- Raul's propagandists have astutely created the myth that he is really a "reformer" being held back by the regime's "hard-liners" -- whom no one can seem to identify.

That's because Raul is the hard-liner.

In a thoughtful piece in Foreign Policy today, Amherst Professor Javier Corrales writes:

"Why is Havana so cautious about reform? Perhaps because its reformer-in-chief is also a stalwart of the revolution."

The obvious is finally starting to sink-in.