Cuban Rocker Faces Sham Trial

Saturday, February 8, 2014
Gorki Aguila, lead singer of the punk rock group Porno Para Ricardo and ardent critic of the Castro dictatorship, faces another sham trial next week.

As Gorki stated in an international appeal this week:

"I have been an opponent of the regime for a long time. They don’t miss the opportunity to try link us and discredit us in common crimes in order to silence us in some way. They are going to hold a trial on the 11th of February at 8:30am in Marianao in the hall of a trial. It is a summary trial. It is a trial that I believe is profoundly unjust because the defense does not have access to the case files of the prosecution. These types of trials are customarily done in totalitarian countries. They are extremely fast trials done in a series and are fabricated and decided beforehand. That’s why I appeal to all who want to show their solidarity because this can be very dangerous for me since they always want to find ways to jail me.

See his video message below (or here):