Note to AP: Cuba Democracy PAC Doesn't Need (or Want) Fanjul's Money

Sunday, February 9, 2014
The AP has a story today trying to build further speculation around the selfish interests of less than a handful of Cuban-American businessmen.

The story includes this claim:

"Mauricio Claver-Carone, who serves on the board of the anti-Castro U.S.-Cuba Democracy PAC, which opposes people-to-people travel, said he stills views Fanjul as an exception and suggested any move by Fanjul to do business with the island would backfire. 'Alfy Fanjul needs our community more than the community needs him,' Claver-Carone said.

But the PAC may still need the Fanjuls. In the past five years, the family and top employees have given the PAC more than $40,000."

Note to APSince its inception, the U.S.-Cuba Democracy PAC has raised nearly $5 million from over 5,000 donors.

The U.S.-Cuba Democracy PAC does not need, nor want, Fanjul's money.

Just do the math.